My pregnancy had been straight forward but at 25 weeks, my waters broke while I was out shopping. My friend drove me to hospital and I phoned my husband, Oliver, and told him to meet us there. My contractions were soon coming every few minutes, I realised our baby was about to arrive.

After just two pushes, Evie was born, weighing 2lb 5oz. She was put on a ventilator and it was twenty minutes before I saw her. Covered in bubble wrap, with bright red skin and one eyelid still fused shut, she was so tiny. Oliver and I stared at her in awe. Doctors explained that she was very premature and at risk of serious complications but they would do everything possible to help her.

At five days old Evie had an operation to close a valve in her heart, and just before Christmas she came off the ventilator. But on Christmas morning, when we arrived at the hospital, we were told she had an infection. It was touch and go, almost every inch of Evie’s tiny body was covered in wires and tubes and she was on a ventilator again - we were devastated.

Towards the end of January Evie was moved to the high-dependency unit, where she gradually grew stronger. On the 16th March she finally came home. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and show no signs of long term problems. Christmas will always be a special time for us.

Special thanks to Vanessa & Oliver for sharing their story with us