Tiny Traveller

The Tiny Traveller® is a unique baby support that fits snugly into first stage car seats to keep tiny babies safe, secure and comfortable. The Tiny Traveller® not only fits first stage car seats, but can be used in pushchairs and baby swings. It's even versatile enough to be used in all terrain buggies, to keep little one safe and secure.
It provides invaluable head, back and tummy support to provide protection as well as additional comfort for small babies.
Recommended by Special Care baby Units and Midwives, it is easy to install and machine washable.
This insert has been developed to:
• Offer invaluable cushioning for the babies spine
• Comfortable padding for the head to help prevent wobble
• Protect babies tummy from the buckle
Helps Prevent Slouching
• Developed by a mother who recognised that babies often require extra support in car seats to prevent them from slouching, which can cause them to experience breathing difficulties.
• Supports babies spine

Suitable for use in:
• first stage car seats
• pushchairs
• strollers
• baby swings
• all terrain pushchairs

Essential for Low Birth Weight and Premature Babies
• Hospitals will not let you leave their premises unless you have a 1st stage car seat.
• The Tiny Traveller® offers extra support for new born and small babies in a car seat.
• Suitable from birth to approx. 15lbs or until head and back support is no longer required.
• Easily secures into car seats and buggies.
• Can be adjusted as your baby grows and as long as they need head support.
• Ideal for premature and low birth weight babies.

Please note: The Tiny Traveller® is a travel accessory and not suitable for use in a moses basket, cot or for sleep time.

Pink Travellers are no longer available, image for illustration purposes only.

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