Freddies Fund


Freddie Warbrook McGill


'Our son Freddie was born on Saturday 21st May 2011 at 17.42pm, he was 28-weeks +2 days gestation, weighing just 730 grams (1lb 9ozs). Nobody really explains what prematurity means or what lies ahead and we were not prepared at all. It was to be the beginning of an 82 day journey.

It costs £3500 a day to look after babies like Freddie in Neo-Natal Intensive Care...he was in hospital for 82 days, a total of £287,000! (6 weeks in Intensive Care and 6 weeks in Special Care).

We wish to raise money for Bliss Charity, by making people aware of his story; to raise awareness of how common and traumatic, premature births are. Using our experience, we want to help other parents....Freddie's blog does just this and it has had over 30,000 readers....

...1 in 9 babies is born premature or sick in the UK – that’s 82,000 babies every year; Every 6 minutes in the UK, a new born baby requires urgent specialist care; Every 24 minutes, a newborn baby requires life-saving intensive care; Freddie was given a 65% chance of survival.

...£25 buys a full set of information booklets for a family to help them understand their baby’s treatment; £40 allows an overwhelmed parent to attend a counselling session with a Bliss-trained counsellor; £500 funds a Bliss parent support group for 1 year; and £3,500 - which is our target, pays for 1 day of Intensive Care. Freddie had 82 days!'

So, it's simple....please visit Freddie's Just Giving website (click here) or simply text 
"FRED82 £5" to 70070 or "FRED82 £1 to 70070


Every penny counts - Lets make a difference!

Ross, Jenni & Freddie x